There are vast benefits in associating with ESEVA PRO. You can not only run a successful business as our franchise associate, but even a citizen you can avail beneficial services for yourself, family, relatives, neighbors and society. Some of the benefits are as described below.

Benefits As Franchise Associate

You can join as franchise associate and earn following benefits:

1. Easy to setup and to run business with little efforts from your side.

2. You can setup your office by paying a franchise fee of Rs. 25,000/- (or) we can help you setup the office ready to run in just Rs. 99,999/- (Prices are subject to increase without notice)

3. Total backend support in terms of Business Registration, Laws, Process & Management

4. Securing your losses because of unintentional errors through ESEVA PRO Instant Insurance Policy

5. Not able to run business successfully ? Then you have easy buy back options from ESEVA PRO at reasonable prices

Benefits to Citizens.

1. Ensure proper Address & ID Proofs of all family members

2. Timely payment of Bills & Recharges with regular cash back offers and discounts

3. Proper career guidance of children in terms of education & jobs

4. We help you get Gas Connection, Water Connections, Electricity Connections

5. Guidance on Banking, Credit Cards, Loans & Mutual Funds

Own our franchise now and start to provide more than 200 online services in one place. Our franchise fee is refundable and we help you with the total process of running business successfully. Our USP is our strong backend team with experienced knowledge and work experience which can process any application with ease.

We have two options in setting up of the store: (i) Self Setup (ii) E-Seva Pro Setup

(i) SELF SETUP (Franchise Fee : Rs. 25,000/-)

In Self Setup the franchise has to consider following options.

1. The shop/office should be facing main road

2. The area of shop/office should be minimum 80 sq.ft

3. The setup should be in such a way that it should be able to accommodate at least two
workstations in future.

4. Products should be as per the products quotation in Annexure – A

5. Initially you can start with one workstation and gradually increase as per demand.
However the electrical wiring should be done keeping in mind at least two or three work
stations depending on the space and future plans.

6. You can put an aluminium partition if required as shown in Image – A below or just leave it open.

7. You are required to install a minimum backup inverter.


1. ESEVA PRO Provides a standard setup required for a center to operate. However based on the franchise owner interest, the quality and look can be altered with extra expenditure. Setup Duration: 15-30 Days

2. 100% Buy Back Offer : Pay one time Rs. 99,999/- to Eseva Pro and get 100% refund guarantee for first three years on sale back. After that as per gross value of the premises.

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